Taimi ry – an association for mental health in Tampere region

Taimi is an association for people interested in mental health issues. Many people active in Taimi have their own experiences in mental health problems, some as patient and some as a relative to a patient. Taimi provides different kinds of activities. Approximately 30 weekly groups gather at Taimi from September to May.

Taimi is located at Pyynikki, in an old house called Ruusantalo. Our Kohtaamispaikka is a meeting place for people to spend time: read newspapers and magazines, play the board games, chat with other people, use the computer, watch TV or just relax.

Kohtaamispaikka is open every day: from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 pm to 4 pm. Ruusantalo is also a place for the members of Taimi and many groups gathering regularly. All the action is based on the idea of rehabilitation and preventive mental health work.


Taimi organizes recreational activities that bring variety and joy to your everyday life. We have varying activities in Taimi: sports such as gym, badminton and water aerobics; handicrafts such as art, card making and knitting; peer support and discussion groups. The weekly schedule also includes activities like bowling, karaoke, layman yoga and cooking. All the activities are easy for everyone to join without any obligation or commitment.

The idea of discussion and peer support groups is to share experiences as a group and talk about different subjects and how the members have coped. Keskustelua masennuksesta is a peer support group for people who suffer from clinical depression or have a close relative who is depressed.

Kuvataideryhmä is an art group for anyone who is interested in painting and drawing. In 3D-korttiryhmä participants craft 3D greeting cards. Aamukahveet käsitöiden parissa is a group for everyone interested in handicrafts. You can bring your own project with you or start a new one. Taimi has some material, also needles and hooks can be borrowed. We have a sewing machine too!

Muistimatto, MemoMatYoga, combines brain exercise and physical fitness. It is developed specially for over 50-year-old people and the main focus is to help maintain cognitive functionality as well as memory and brain wellbeing.

We also have a cooking group called Hävikkiruokatorstai. Every Thursday Ruokapankki (food bank) delivers food rescue and we cook a tasty three-course meal of it. By taking part in either cooking or cleaning afterwards you gain the meal. The leftovers are dealt with the participants by the supervisor after everyone is finished.

Membership fee and advantages

Taimi has about 800 members, some of them are supporters like students and associations. The yearly membership fee is 12 euros. The permanent membership fee is 120 euros and the fee for supporting members is also 120 euros.

Our membership magazine is called Kipunoita and it is published four times a year. Taimi offers affordable excursions to the movies and other excursions for the members. Some of the members take part in Taimi’s action by acting as volunteers.

Our main financial backer is Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).